Hi there, I'm Pedro Antunes, a London-based fashion photographer who thrives on turning creative visions into visual realities.

My passion lies in collaborating with brands to articulate and amplify their unique visual identities.

With a knack for detail and a understanding of what a fashion image needs to achieve, I specialise in curating striking lookbooks, crafting captivating campaigns, and producing engaging content for social media. My journey has led me to collaborate with accomplished hairstylists from Toni&Guy and make a mark with distinguished brands like Seraphine and B-side By Walé.
Beyond established names, I also find immense joy in working with emerging brands, and helping them through the intricacies of shoot production. From scouting models that embody the brand's essence to orchestrating talented teams, I'm committed to bringing every aspect of a shoot to life seamlessly.

My photography is more than just images; it's a language that communicates emotions, tells stories, and captures the essence of each brand. Blending technical expertise with an artistic touch, I strive to make every shot a piece of visual storytelling.